How Do You Define Home?

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Being a military spouse the sense of home can be elusive.  Constantly moving from place to place, leaving old friends behind, and having to make new ones. Finally being satisfied with how you've got your place decked out, to then wondering, "hey, is this going to work in the new place".  Having that one place that you think of as "Home" helps to give you that peace of knowing, this is something I can always come back to.  It feels like a long hug, your favorite meal, a warm blanket on a cold feels like...well...home..

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Is it where you were born, grew up, went to college? Or is home to you where you married the love of your life and started a family of your own? This was a heavy thought in my mind as I traveled back “Home” to Denver Colorado after a eight year absence for a best friend’s wedding.

As a military spouse I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to many places, with the last 17 years settling in Fayetteville, NC. This is the “Home” where I watched my babies turn into young adults. The “Home” where I started my Real Estate career.

Once my bags were loaded in the car and out of the covered airport terminal my breath was taken away by the forgotten beauty of the snow capped mountains. The same mountains that I would stare at day dreaming during any class that did not hold my attention.


Stepping in the threshold of my mother’s home it hit me. For me “Home” is where my mother is. It’s the place where I was able to grow, make mistakes, and loved unconditionally. Cherished holiday memories, best friends, and yes a few good spankings along the way.

Now that I have a son that serves in the military I have noticed his “Home” is also where his mother is. I get the call of I can’t wait to get “Home” and please make my favorite meal.

So tell me, how do you define “Home?”









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