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Title InsuranceAre all improvements a good investment?  That would depend on your own definition of investment.  We make financial investments but we also make investments in our happiness.  What is the price of the calming waterfall, how much is the value of a Lilly Pad or a piece of drift wood?  What starts out as a modest Plastic Little Preform Pond becomes a 4500 gallon ecosystem, home to Koi, plants, algae and thousands of micro-organisms that in the end have no intrinsic value.  10 years ago, these fish were .99 cents each and a mere 2 and a half inches long, now they weigh over 20 pounds and are well over 15 inches long.  It was approximately 8 years ago, Title InsuranceI put lipstick on the girl fishies and "Gussied" up the gils of the boy fishies and all of the sudden, today we enjoy over 30 Koi.  The investment can't be monetary pa-title-insurancein nature, when your dealing with nature.  The enjoyment that is derived when my niece comes to "Peed Da Pishies" all the way from Brooklyn is unsurpassed.  The days start with a handful of food and a mad dash to eat.  The water at this point is so ecologically perfect that the food we feed them is for our entertainment only.  The Koi pond brings a couple of other very cool things to the pond, that again makes it tough to put a dollar figure on.  For instance, what is the value of a pennsylvania-title-insurancemetallic silver and blue Dragon Fly Hybrid that hangs around to eat the mosquitos that buzz through the top of the pond.  They stop over on a plant that has long leaves that bend toward the pond as they hunt.  9 years ago I purchased an Elephant Ear plant and placed it in the pond.  Every year, for the winter, I take it and put in in my basement and it all but dies off, then as soon as the water is warm enough I place it back in the pond and the magic water brings the plant to exuberant life. nj-title-insuranceThe amount of "Life" that is in the pond is priceless, especially for the fish.  The Koi believe the falls have an overabundance of food flying over them, just for the fish.  Of course the worms and other micro organisms aka lunch, do not agree.  Can a value be placed on the enjoyment that is derived from a father and daughter spending quality time sitting atop the water, listening to the falls, enjoying the colors and being amazed by the myriad of nature that can be brought to a 40 x 40 space.  My conclusion is there is no amount of money that can be placed on the value we get from the pond.  Home improvements of this type should be done for the purpose of enjoyment not necessarily for the eventual resale value.  I will leave you with some random pictures, I hope you enjoy them. By the way this is in Eastern Pa.


Oh Yea, I almost forgot, this is supposed to say something about Title Insurance, ok, Done!



Family Abstract, Inc.From my family to yours, from Title Insurance commitment to policy, all our very best!  Take at least a moment each day to smile and laugh, then call Family Abstract for all your title needs in PA, NJ, MD and FL.  At Family Abstract, Inc. We look forward to making you, and your clients smile very day, especially the day of settlement.  Please like us on Facebook, Please “Plus 1 us on Google, Please give us a shot at your Title Insurance!


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Established in 2002, Family Abstract, Inc. provides Title Insurance to clients and customers throughout Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with more than 40 years of combined experience in management alone. We pride ourselves on retaining the most skilled and knowledgeable employees who share our goals of providing the best service in the industry.

Located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Family Abstract, Inc. maintains an extensive network of skilled title insurance abstractors in all the states we service in addition to a nationwide network of qualified closing agents who are available to close loans at any location.

Backed by the strength of four title insurance underwriters, we are able to provide expert attention to detail without sacrificing versatility in the closing process, thus providing more options in difficult title situations. Due to our depth of industry knowledge and commitment to excellent service, Family Abstract, Inc. has been able to develop client relationships that have endured for decades.

Having successfully settled and insured thousands of transactions, we have already earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of customers, lenders, brokers, and realtors and now we would like to share our expertise with you!

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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
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Glenn - Thank you for sharing detailed quality information about financial verse personal investments. I like those beautiful photos.

Sep 12, 2012 04:50 AM
Glenn Freezman
Family Abstract, Inc. - Horsham, PA

Thanks for leaving a comment John, I really appreciate it.  And thanks for the compliment, everything back there I have done myslf! 

Sep 12, 2012 04:54 AM