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On the TV news a few day ago the anchor by way of a tease said, "Wait until you see..."That phrase wait until you see or wait until you hear doesn't move us or offend us, or is appalling to us anymore especially when it is bad news.  In most cases when the act is heinous yes, at other times no.

We've become desensitized to things that once upon a time would horrify us or cause us to gasp.  Is it because we rationalize (subconsciously I think) that the wrongdoing is due to repeated exposure?  "It's the norm" as they say, causing us to think or feel—that was not too bad!

Some may argue that the viewing of violence does not have a lasting effect on us, but it does.  There are studies done over the past 10 years that proves the violence  seen on television, in the cinema, on video games or the Internet leads to aggressive behavior.

With this factor shaping our attitude and action, what should we do, what can we do?  What is the long-term or short-term effects?  A steady diet of 'bad' is making the problem worse and herein lies the solution.    There is a saying "too much of everything is bad".  So be accountable and culpable for your viewing habits.

cartoon carThe anchor's tease "wait until you see".   The story is, a woman drove her car on the sidewalk to avoid waiting on the school bus.  Apparently, she is a repeat offender and the bus driver video-taped her and turned it into the police.  The police waited for her, caught her in the act, and she was arrested.

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Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP
Selling Homes Changing Lives


I wish the whole news media was revamped by College Interns. If we ALL have to go through change, let it be innovating. This old way of doing the news is very old and boring and you're right, it does desensitize us.

Sep 18, 2012 07:06 PM
Dee Mayers
Covina, CA
San Gabriel Valley, CA

College interns, why college interns?  That is a huge undertaking, and I think it would be difficult to see the young and inexperienced become responsible for such a task.

Sep 20, 2012 10:23 AM