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Which Months to buy a Home in Phoenix

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Which months to buy a home in Phoenix is the BIG Question I was asked the other day!!

A prospective client of mine asked me which months are the Best time to Buy a Home in Phoenix and I replied “It Depends!”  Which Months to buy a home in PhoenixWHAT!!! What do you mean it depends???  Let me explain…

The reason “it depends” is based on the specific buyer’s needs, wants, and desires (By The Way, NOW is the Correct Answer).  The Phoenix Real Estate Market is Smokin’ Hot and I’m not just talking about the temperature.  Check out the recent housing activity according to www.redfin.com and the OVER 30% appreciation we have seen since January 1, 2012.

So here are some basic questions I ask my clients:

Question #1:  Do you have kids?  If so, are they in school?  If they are in school, are you willing to relocate them in the middle of the school year for a Great Deal?  If your kids are not in school, are your kids willing to change schools and make new friends?

Question #2:  Are you moving because of the weather?  For instance do you live in Michigan, Illinois (like I used to), New York and many more states that get COLD and you have to Shovel Snow like I did for YEARS???  Would you like to be in a home before the holidays and enjoy 70 degree weather versus 32???  (That’s the reason I moved out here from Chicago, IL in November of 1999).  If you are looking to miss the Cold season, snow, ice, back pain for shoveling, dead car batteries, scarfs, heavy winter coats, etc…(are you getting the HINT) that NOW is the time to move!!! It typically takes up to 45 days from the time we start looking to close and move into a home.

Question #3:  Do you want to Start Looking for Homes RIGHT NOW for FREE on my website that is updated real-time versus the 100’s out there that are not up-to-date because another agent wants to get your contact information by advertising a home that is no longer available and then HASSLE you to find something he/she thinks might fit your needs???  If so, click this blue link to work with a True Real Estate Professional that Values Your Time as well as Mine (homes for sale in Phoenix, AZ).  When you work with me (and my entire team), it is NOT about me, it is ABOUT YOU!!! You are the Client, You Are the Boss, and Most Importantly; YOU Are paying for the Home, NOT ME!!!

Hopefully I have answered which months to buy a home in Phoenix and the correct answer is.  “It Depends and NOW”

Let me Help You find a Home and STOP looking on the Internet for HOURS each night and dealing with Amateur agents that just want your contact information so they can add it to their SPAM list, whoops, I mean email campaign list.

Call, text, email me TODAY to Start the Home Buying Process, because “It Depends” could Always turn into “NOW” for the right home at the right price.

Mike Kemper
Realtor, (bunch of acronyms I could add to make me look Special but I won’t)
HomeSmart Realty
623-451-3596 – cell (texts are ok)

Stephen Garner
Hub Media Company - Tempe, AZ
Hub Media Company

Great post Mike. Engaging, Entertaining and I could easily tell you lived back east and know what its like surviving a winter. You GO Boy!

Sep 17, 2012 10:52 AM
Shanna Day Team Leader AZ & UT - Call 480-415-7616
Keller Williams Realty EV (AZ) & Keller Williams SLC (UT) - Mesa, AZ
Top 0.33 of 1% of 79,000 AZ Realtors

I agree - the answer is NOW.   I've always listened to my competitors reply to this question and they seem to say certain months, but I've always found that every month is as good as the effort I put into it (as far as my sales go).  As far as buyers go, if I were a buyer, I would hurry up before all the snowbirds and Canadians are back because the number of offers on each home will be going up again.  It's easier to get offers accepted NOW.   Do you agree?  Shanna

Sep 17, 2012 11:15 AM
Mike Kemper
My Home Group - Surprise, AZ

Thanks Steve!!! Yes I did live back East and survived the winter months more than I cared too!!!

Sep 18, 2012 02:48 AM
Mike Kemper
My Home Group - Surprise, AZ

Shanna, I Agree 100%!!! As it is, there are multiple offers on properties without the snowbirds and Canadians back in the market and it is Only going to get more difficult as time goes on as well as price increases.  I was previewing a new home builder this past weekend in the West Valley and they are getting ready to open up Phase 3 of their development and there is a $20,000 minimum price increase already in place. WOW, the time to buy is NOW!!!

Sep 18, 2012 02:53 AM