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Moving Boxes New York, A New Green Rental Bin Solution

Ezbins is a new company to enter the moving/ relocation scene in New York City and its surrounding burrows. The company rents out reusable plastic boxes and other eco friendlymoving supplies and will not only save their customers money by offering  supplies at verycompetitive prices but also saves them time thanks to their free delivery and pickup service. The Ezbins team will deliver the supplies to you before you are ready to start packing and pick them up from you once you have finished relocating to your new home or office.

The company has been in business for less than 4 months and has already rented out over 1000 of their plastic Ezbins boxes as well as their plastic wardrobe boxes. “This is not rocket science” says Gary Lourie, co-founder of Ezbins. “It is a very simple concept with the potential to not only make positive environmental impacts in conserving the paper and trees required to make standard packing supplies like cardboard boxes but also change the urban landscape of the cities we live in… take a walk down any street in New York City after 8:00 pm and have a look at what is taking place on the sidewalks; tons and tons of cardboard boxes getting thrown away every day, half of which are destined to end up in the landfill.”

The company offers an array of innovative products including:

Ezbins - Easily stackable and durable plastic boxes made of recyclable plastic, equivalent inside to a medium sized cardboard moving box.

Wardrobe Boxes An identical replica to cardboard wardrobe boxes made out of corrugated plastic and used to transfer hanging clothing directly from the closet to the box and back again without wrinkling or folding a single item. 

EzDollies – A custom made dolly which the Ezbins fit into perfectly and helps move the boxes around from place to place without having to lift them.
Geami Wrap – Made from recycled paper, Geami Wrap is an alternative to bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

In today’s day and age people are looking to be as economical as possible and when they hear the phrases, ‘eco friendly’ and ‘being green’ they usually associate this with something more costly,” says Lourie, “however this is definitely not the case with our service and products. The plastic boxes that we rent out can be reused several hundred times, therefore we are able to discount our prices compared to what it would cost you to buy single use cardboard boxes.”

Ezbins currently offers their plastic boxes and delivery service to the greater New York area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens Staten Island and the Bronx. Additional areas include Westchester County, Northern New Jersey and Connecticut.


For more information or to rent your plastic moving containers visit the Ezbins Rental Website.


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 Moving Boxes New York, A New Green Rental Bin Solution

Reusable Green Moving Bins Available in New York Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Upper West Side

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Lewis Remington

Thanks for sharing! My wife and I just bought our first home - yes, we're very excited - and are preparing to move into it in two weeks. We have never had such a big move before, so we're a little out of the know when it comes to packing and moving all of our stuff. Would you recommend getting a dolly? We won't be moving appliances, but we do have a lot of books and stuff that probably wouldn't be good to lift without help. Thanks again! <a href='' ></a>

Jan 26, 2015 05:17 AM