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By Lana Bingham

What does a big, delicious, flavor-oozing cheeseburger have in common with a beautiful new custom home? Both take expert craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients to build. With National Cheeseburger Day being this week, new home builders Tampa fl can compare custom home components to burger ingredients.

The Buns – You can’t have an amazing burger without sturdy buns. The bread is the outermost layer that holds everything in place, much like the exterior siding of a home. For burgers, buns are usually white or wheat, and custom home exterior options in Tampa Florida will mainly be Stucco or Hardi-siding. To learn more about the differences between the two options, and which works best for your home, read our past blog post.

The Meat – The meat is the essence of a burger. Now you may have many choices - cow, turkey, bison, veggie - but the patty is critical to the assembly of a good burger. A custom home’s structure is similar, offering the home support from the foundation, block or frame walls, flooring and roofing. Without a stable interior structure, all you’d be left with is a mouthful of mushy bread.

The Cheese – Warm, gooey cheese can be compared to block wall foam insulation as it sticks to the layers of the home, offering protection and reduced energy loss. When two slices of cheddar are placed on top of a warm grilled patty, moisture and juices are locked in, much like how insulation works to lock in coolness from your air conditioner.

The Veggies – A burger may not be on any diet plan that I’ve ever heard of, but the more vegetables you add to your burger, the better it is for you. All these healthy ingredients are much like the health conscious and energy efficient products that we place in new custom homes. While lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles are rich in nutrients, PEX plumbing, Low VOC products, and mold and termite prevention are all good for your home’s health.

The Sauce – A burger’s condiments are much like finish selections that are made for custom homes. For your burger, you may choose to add mayo, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, steak sauce, etc. A homeowner also gets to choose their own “special sauce” to add, including flooring, cabinets, counters, paint colors, appliances, etc. Just as the condiment aisle at the grocery store is packed with choices, custom home selection possibilities are endless.

Now we may be able to build a great burger, but being a Tampa new home builder, we prefer to stick to our specialty and build new homes in Tampa Bay. So next time you take a bite of a mouth-watering cheeseburger, think of us!

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