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As the years start to slip by us, we start wondering whether we have saved enough for our retirement and look forward when our time will become our own.

We look forward to being able to go on outings to the casinos or even to sporting events. If you are a golfer, or like me pretend to be, those snowbird trips south sound more and more appealing. So, if we're going to participate in all of this activity are you ready to downsize from the family home?

The decision to make a move from your current residence into a retirement community is a difficult one. We hear horror stories about the treatment of the elderly in some of these homes. We don't want to put our parents into them, and we certainly don't want to live in them!

This type of move is one of the biggest challenges we, as Canadians, have to face. And, we do it with our heals dug into the ground. How does anyone expect us to leave our home where we have so many memories and prized possessions that we have collected over the years. These possessions are dear to us, to others they are just things. But as the years go by, we may in fact need more assistance with the day to day routines we currently do in our lives.

I watch my mother, and at times, yes, she is capable of living alone, but then there are those times and days were it not for my sister living so close that she is incapable of handling things on her own. She becomes forgetful and lost.

Boomers of this day and age are starting to change things a little bit and now are starting to plan ahead. Do you really need that huge yard and it's upkeep? Do you use ALL the rooms in your home or just 3 possibly 4? When was the last time you went to the basement to check out those boxes that are neatly packed in a row? Have you become a storage facility for your children, if you were so blessed, because they don't have the space to keep their 'memory boxes' in their own place?

Many mature buyers and sellers have unique requirements, inclusive of needing knowledge of future housing options, transition to your new home, taxation and estate regulations, and there's more.

Let me help you make the best decisions for YOU when it comes time to make a change in your residence. Don't let the years slip by and find yourself making this decision due to CIRCUMSTANCE instead of BY CHOICE. Making the change due to circumstance is not the most satisfying way, nor the best solution.

I have a team in place that could guide you in your move. Call me today and let's set a time to talk about your options. Click here to find out the great Retirement Communities that are available in Mississauga.

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