How Much Down Payment Money To Buy A House / Home In Summit Co., OH?

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How much down payment money to buy a house / home in Summit Co., OH?

Here's your answer.  When this article was published, a FHA buyer only needed 3.5% down.  The amount can be gifted to the buyer from a relative, employer, charitable organization, or a government agency that provides homeownership assistance to low or moderate income families.

How much down payment money to buy a house / home in Summit Co., OH for a conventional buyer may be more depending on the buyer's credit score.

IMPORTANT!  If you're thinking of buying a home, before you do anything else, consider getting Buyer's Agent Representation in Summit Co., Ohio.
Buyer's Agent--an agent that represents you (not the seller) in a real estate transaction, can not only help you locate homes to view, but can assist you with: obtaining a home loan, answering questions about the home buying process, help you write your offer on the home you want to buy, and help you close the deal to new home ownership.
Aside from making the home buying process a lot more smoother, a Buyer's Agent will give you the piece of mind--knowing that all of your personal and confidential information is safe with your Buyer's Agent--not the Listing Agent and seller.
For example, most buyer's begin the home buying process by searching for homes on realty websites.  The problem with this is that such websites will lead buyers to contact Listing Agents (agents that represent sellers).
This is a problem if the buyer desires to be represented by a Buyer's Agent.  As, if the buyer makes first contact with the Listing Agent, the Listing Agent will most likely not honor the buyer's Buyer's Agent.  Thus, the buyer WILL NOT have Buyer's Agent Representation.
As a result, should the buyer decide to go forward and view and/or write an offer on any property that they had first made contact with the Listing Agent, they will be forced to view and/or write their offer with the Listing Agent--without the benefit of Buyer's Agent Representation.
The Solution Is Simple.  If you are buying a home and want Buyer's Agent Representation in Summit Co., Ohio; contact a Buyer's Agent first (like myself)--prior to making any contact with a Listing Agent.  Only in this manner can you be assured that you'll have Buyer's Agent Representation throughout your home buying process.
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If You’re Searching for Homes on Real Estate Websites--STOP!

Why?  The agents representing seller's homes on realty websites are Listing Agents (they represent sellers--Not You).  If you make first contact with ANY Listing Agent and then later decide that you want to be represented by your own Buyer's Agent who can show you homes and write your offer on your behalf, it's likely that the Listing Agents that you previously contacted WILL NOT honor your Buyer's Agent. 

How Does This Affect You?  When a Listing Agent refuses to honor your Buyer's Agent, if you decide to go forward and view and/or write an offer on a property, you'll be doing so with the Listing Agent (the agent that represents the seller--Not You).  Leaving you without Buyer's Agent representing!



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