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As a home owner there are several ways to protect your investment. Routine maintenance aside, I want to talk about not only protecting your investment, but your family, your neighbors and their families, and the entire neighborhood. Becoming an alert neighbor can help keep crime out of your neighborhood.

Get to know your neighbors. The first step in thwarting crime in your area is to get out and meet your neighbors. Throw a block party so that everyone can get to know each other. Kids can meet and new friendships can form. Block parties are easy to organize and in most cities one phone call to the city office can get what you need to make it official. The city can provide barricades, and ensure that the local emergency response units in the area are aware of the closure for safety. We had one last summer and got our local fire station to bring the fire truck down. They squirted the kids with water and let them learn all about truck. Every one brought a side dish along with a pack of hot dogs and buns, we had a designated grill master and we had a grand ole time.

Form a neighborhood association. If your neighborhood doesn't already have a designated association, create one. It is free to do and usually only requires one or two forms. You will need someone to be the president or head of the association but little is required. The benefit of doing so is to receive the small alert neighbors signs for the tops of your street signs. Any message that can tell the thieves that we are watching, the better. 

Be alert. When you are at home, watch out for suspicious activity and if you see something call the police. Never approach someone to question them, let the police do that. Thieves don't like to be seen and if you are able to convey that "I see you", suspicious characters seldom return. Communicate with your neighbors and make sure that the vehicles that stopped by when they weren't home was someone they knew. In Tulsa, we are having all lot of success with a network of alert neighbors on the social site Nextdoor. Just like social media has taken off, so too has the use of  the internet to spread the word about suspicious people. Get connected and share information with other neighborhoods. Thieves like to bounce around and sometimes people aren't able to get all the pertinent details, but combined information can help police draw a more complete picture.

Safe neighborhoods equal steady and rising home values. Protect your investment, as a Realtor in the Tulsa area I strive to make my community the best it can be for every person. For information about buying or selling Tulsa Real Estate call me or sign up on my website.

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Sharon Parisi
United Real Estate Dallas - Dallas, TX
Dallas Homes

Chris, this is important information for all homeowners to embrace!  Great post!

Sep 22, 2012 04:07 AM
Bob Miller
Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty - Ocala, FL
The Ocala Dream Team

Hi Chris, great post and great advice.  Knowing your neighbors may be the best security you can have!

Sep 22, 2012 04:11 AM
Chris Harmon
Keller Williams Realty - Tulsa, OK

Thanks Sharon!

Bob, often the best defense is the simplest.

Sep 22, 2012 04:14 AM