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My wife (and business partner) and I last had our business photos taken about six years ago.  This picture has been used hundreds if not thousands of times going out on our business cards, flyers, and all associated business literature for the Jones Real Estate Team.  The past six years seem to have flown by but without a doubt a considerable time has passed.  So with much reluctance and hestitancy (I hate having my picture taken - doesn't everyone) we set up our appointment to have new professional picture taken of us.  We decided to have new photos taken for a few reasons.

First of all, I got sick and tired of the comments I would occassionally get about our old photo.  "Wow, that doesn't even look like you!" or "How long ago did you take that picture?" . . . Frankly, those types of comments started to get old.  Especially since I've had my share of laughs over the years about the "glamour" pictures of some of my peers.  Clearly many of their pictures are well over 6 years old as well.

Also, we wanted to get pictures taken that were more reflective of our current business plan.  When we last took our pictures we were focused on our business in Sacramento.  It seemed appropriate to be photographed in business attire.  Well our business has changed to focus on selling properties in Lake Tahoe.  Our previous picture seemed much too stuffy for the environment we now work in.  We adjusted to a more casual dress and decided to take the picture outdoors.

So here ya go . . . our old picture and our new one.  I feel like I've aged just wrting this blog.

scott and kim jones 2006scott and kim jones 2012


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