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Real Estate Appraiser with De Graff Associates

Interfacing with many of the loan origination and servicing systems used by the lending industry. Our focus continues to enhance the appraisal process to ensure the highest quality of service.


A comprehensive 75 point appraisal compliance check list is

utilized against every appraisal prior to you receiving the report.

We employ only local appraisers which are state certified and experienced.

The work of these professionals are consistently reviewed for quality and accuracy.

Superior service is the cornerstone of keeping customers coming back.

Under federal regulations and secondary market standards, state licensed or certified real estate appraisers must be used in federally related transactions over $250.000. We use only certified appraisers. Therefore, customers can be assured that the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) guidelines are followed and that each appraisal is audited for compliance.

Every appraisal receives a pre-delivery review to ensure the report meets or exceeds industry guidelines and customer expectations of a good appraisal report.

Our quality assurance monitors the quality of the appraisals to ensure compliance with industry standards, report completeness, accuracy and sound logic.

To be an appraiser with De Graff Associates, all appraisers must provide: license and verification of good standing, resume, E-O insurance policy and samples of their work. All appraisers must be certified and update all information on a yearly basis which is then reviewed for their continued service.


Appraisals can be ordered by calling the office, faxing the office at 336-776-3229

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