Don't forget to check on those vacant listings and keep your pets indoors!

Real Estate Agent with Real Living HER

It's 5 degrees outside here in Dublin, Ohio with windchills expected to be 0 or below.  I guess this is what you call "The Dead of Winter"!

I have an open house at one of my newest listings.  It will be a small miracle if I have any traffic at all, but on a positive note, the sun is shining in full force and that usually draws people out of their homes in the winter months here in Central Ohio.

I just want to remind all of you not to leave your pets outdoors for extended periods of time when it's so brutally cold and don't forget to check on those vacant listings you have to make sure the heat is still running and you don't have any problems with frozen pipes.

I closed on one of my listings this week, and my clients mentioned that there was another vacant property in the neighborhood that hadn't been getting any showings and the agent wasn't holding any open houses, and  something happened to the plumbing and the home flooded. 

That's a lesson to all of us to routinely check on those vacant listings!