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Tucson Real Estate - 5125 Coronado Vista Fairway ViewTucson is a retreat for golfers who love to play year round. There is no question that my niche is golf properties and golfers. When writing monthly reports about home sales I’ve had a desire to focus more toward golf properties. I finally found the time to pull up statistics, which I’ll begin reporting in my monthly sales reports beginning in February.

Tutcon Real Estate Golf Property SalesFor now, I’d like to look at available MLS information for properties that are directly adjacent to golf courses. This does not take into consideration sales of homes within subdivisions that embrace golf courses which do not back up to the golf course. It does provide a solid basis to view the history of sales, average prices, and median prices. With the number of retirees moving to Tucson each month, this niche information should prove valuable to my fellow Babyboomers and golfers.

What is interesting is the consistency in golf property home sales in the current Buyers Market, the previous frenzy from 2004 into 2006, and the stable years prior dating back to 1996. There was a definite peak in sales in 2006, as was experienced in the rest of the market. The average sales price for golf properties in 2007 was 98.59% of that for 2006. The median price for golf property sales for 2007 was 94.5% of that for 2006. Sales of golf properties in 2007 increase 1.81% over that of 2006. For 2004 and 2005 sales were off the charts with 498 and 507 respectively.
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