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Charter Review Commission Seeks Opinions

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Attend a Town Hall Meeting

The charter is the “Constitution” for the City of Rockville and serves as the basic set of rules for our city’s government. The Mayor and Council have appointed 11 of your neighbors to review the City’s charter, with a focus on examining elections. Charged with gathering feedback from the public, the Charter Review Commission is posing the following questions to the citizens of Rockville:

  1. Should elected officials in Rockville continue to be elected for 2-year terms, or would residents prefer longer terms, such as 3-year or 4-year terms? What would be the main reason(s) for changing the length of terms, or leaving them as they are?
  2. Would you prefer that Rockville continue to hold elections in “odd years,” (2011, 2013, etc.) or would you prefer that elections be held in even years so that they coincide with state and national elections? What would be the benefits to changing Rockville’s election schedule or leaving it as is?
  3. Do you think four councilmembers is adequate, or would you prefer increasing the number of councilmembers? What considerations should be taken into account when analyzing the number of councilmembers Rockville should have?
  4. Does our present system of non-partisan, at-large representation serve the City best, or would another system work better?
  5. What are your views on allowing new types of voting in the City of Rockville, such as early voting and online/Internet voting?

The commission is hosting five town hall meetings to provide an opportunity for residents to share feedback on the City’s charter. At each meeting, the commission will hold a brief business meeting at 6:30 p.m.; the
Charter Review Commission town hall will then begin at 7 p.m. See the box below  for meeting dates and locations.

If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can send your thoughts and opinions to clerk@rockvillemd.gov, or City Clerk’s Office, 111 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD, 20850, or call the City Clerk at 240-314-8282. For more information about the Charter Review Commission, visit

  • Tuesday, Oct. 2, Rockville Senior Center, 1150 Carnation Dr.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9, Rockshire Community Center, 2351 Wootton Pkwy.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17, Lincoln Park Community Center, 357 Frederick Ave.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24, Rockville Memorial Library, 21 Maryland Ave.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30, Twinbrook Community Center, 12920 Twinbrook Pkwy.
Business meetings begin at 6:30 p.m., town hall meetings begin at 7 p.m.