Adding A Homework Nook To Your Home

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By Lana Bingham

With school back in session, homework assignments are stacking up. Rather than turning your kitchen table into a paper-cluttered study station, why not incorporate a homework area into your home? Follow these tips to create a homework haven that will get your children excited about schoolwork.

Select The Study Space: Choosing an area for your child’s homework nook is the first step. You want a central location within the home, yet one that doesn’t easily let in distractions. One option is to place a homework nook under your staircase or off of the kitchen, allowing you to offer assistance and keep an eye on your children’s focus while cooking dinner. New home builders Tampa Florida may also suggest a built-in homework hallway that is conjoined between two children’s bedrooms. This way the nook is in a separate area, away from televisions and toys, but it also proves an easy entrance from both bedrooms. Depending on the age and attention span of the children, side by side desks are convenient, but this may provide distractions. Facing the desks in opposite directions or using a half-wall divider are good ways to avoid this. Once a child is old enough, a nook works well in a secluded corner of their bedroom.

Store Supplies: To contain clutter, a homework nook will need some type of structured storage system. Utilize built-in bookcases and shelving to provide sufficient space for school supplies, books and important papers. If needed, add on drawers for filing away completed assignments and school records. Designating a drawer for arts and crafts supplies is another great idea and makes clean-up much easier.

Optimize Organization: In addition to your storage system, you can utilize wall space to further organize your child’s school projects and assignments. Bulletin boards, chalkboards and calendars can be hung on the wall, directly in front of the desk. Encourage your child to keep track of due dates and special school related functions. Magnetic wall paper and chalkboard paint are other fun options.

Nook Necessities: Besides a flat writing surface and well-lit environment, your nook is going to need task lighting (either from a desk lamp or hanging fixture), a comfortable desk chair, and a nearby electrical hook-up for a computer. When it comes to nook furniture, select a style and color that is compatible with your child’s personality matches the nook’s design scheme.


Love Your Learning Area: The key is to make the space inviting and fun, so that your child is excited and inspired to learn. A lively color pallet paired with white wooden furniture is a popular choice. It is helpful to include your child in the planning by allowing them to be involved in selecting paint colors, patterns or décor. Their contribution will make them more excited about homework time.

Just as a child’s playroom is important to their imagination and personality, a designated homework area is important to their education and knowledge development. Follow these Tampa builder tips to create the perfect personalized learning space that will ensure proper study habits and good grades.

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