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We've all had our moments when we are scrolling through the posts of our fellow networkers and find ourselves paused, jaw dropped, at something that was shared. One thing about social media is that 'sharing' is not just from one hand to the next, but from one hand to all hands. Your brand has always been created based upon service and reputation, but in today's tech centered world your reputation is built largely on your online presence. Thomas J. Nelson shares some simple do's and don'ts of social media that sometimes fade from recent memory:

Original content by Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR ® e-Pro CRS RCS-D Vets CA BRE# 01261476




...A network is a group of individuals that have your back. We have to work hard to authentically care about the people in our network.” ~Keith Ferrazzi (Never Eat Alone author)




  • 75% OF ALL Americans are online.

  • 63.7% regularly use social networks.

  • 93% of social network users have a Facebook page.

  • 50% of that 93% use Facebook DAILY.






  • DON'T use it to force a sale.

  • DON'T be unprofessional. If you are in business, ALL your social sites need to be professional. (Yes, you have a personal page, but your clients will see that too. If you wouldn't want your client to see or read it, don't post it-anywhere)!

  • DON'T waste time, have a daily time block, 1 hour or less is what is recommended.

  • DON'T post vacations & outings when you are away, post when your back; unless you want to advertise your home is vacant on specific dates, the burglars will love you for it!

  • DON'T expect social networking to pay your mortgage, it's a tool, not your foundation.





  • DO use it to stay relevant.

  • DO use it to connect with your database. Learn about peoples' likes & dislikes & interests.

  • DO deepen relationships with this tool.

  • DO use it to stay up on other peoples' big events: birthdays, graduations, weddings, vacations etc.

  • DO post what demonstrates your character and your competence.

  • DO be authentic.

  • DO provide value: quotes, statistics, links to articles or facts on your blog. (variety & pacing it are crucial).

  • DO engage. Post in such a way that your clients can eavesdrop on your positive, enlightening, motivating, etc. stories/conversations.



  • The Goal: post so people come back regularly, participate in your posts, they share you with their friends and finally they engage you in the “real world” (not JUST online).

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Bob Usey
Bob Usey Properties - Gulfport, MS


Good straight-forward advice about the do's & don'ts. Perhaps, I am from the "old school"...conversation phone (the old fashioned way) or email are still the best way to communicate and spread the word. Facebook and the other social media.......well school is still out on that one. Most will probably regret some of the postings in the years to come, even if in the name of business.

Bob Usey Properties

Mississippi Gulf Coast


Sep 26, 2012 04:29 AM