ABC's "Nashville" vs the Real Nashville

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ABC's new TV show "Nashville", set to air Wednesday, October 10th, is already accumulating national buzz. However, for a cultural analyst who's been a resident in the real Nashville, Tennessee for a good, long while, I'm virtually torn. The Excited Me jumps through the roof at the opportunity that a cable powerhouse would be interested in "honoring" our smaller, Southern city by dedicating an entire series in our name! This is FREE PUBLICITY on how much fun, competitve and eccentric we can be. Behold, the preview...

The Nervous Me, however, worries. Since I've had the privilege to work, eat, play and attend a university here, I single-handedly know the best places to go and see according to individual interests and the right neighborhoods to match to those relocating based on their needs and values. I fully acknowledge and intensionally believe our Character is much more than Nashvegas, Lower Broadway and the honkytonk scene. What I constantly remind myself and others interested in creating a life here is we are Music City USA and not Country Music City USA. Sure, the accents are very real and we have a bold and beautiful sophistication of meat-and-threes, horse farms, and the contents of any Southern Living issue. But, we are emerging. We represent a huge ethnic diversity - mainly thanks to our Athens of the South reputation - and this extends to musical works as well. State any genre, any style, and we share some of its footprints, whether previously or presently.

So now I'm forced to wonder:
Where's the fine line between entertainment and reality?
How will the American public revere us after October 10th?
How many visitors (or new citizens) will come and claim, "Nashville is my favorite show. I just had to come and see it for myself!"
And, does potential economic growth trump accurate coverage of geographical regions?

What say ye, ActiveRain?


Written by Stephanie Brake

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Way to many reality shows and most are true garbage, we are a sic society and these prove it. Hope they do Nasville right as it is a wonderful city. Good luck

Sep 26, 2012 12:08 PM
Web Agent
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Joyce, thank you for your feedback and compliment. I'm definitely hoping for the same.

Sep 26, 2012 01:04 PM