I only pay $49/mo for UNLIMITED 4-G Talk-Txt-Data...that includes data

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How much are you paying for your monthly cell phone plan?

Solavei’s flat fee service plan of $49/month for unlimited 4-G Talk-Txt-Data addresses America’s struggle for affordable wireless service!

I am a very loyal consumer. I have used A T+T for over 12 years now, however over the past year the phone service was so bad that it was impossible to use my phone in my home. I work from home and I felt I was losing friends and customers with the number of dropped calls and dead zones that I hit daily. IT was sooooooo frustrating.

Because I was so loyal to A T+T, I purchased a new phone in July 2012 after being told by customer service that this would help.

Bye Bye A T +T and high monthly bills     Hello SOLaVIE

note: I was not ready for the expense of a smart phone, so I decided to go with what I knew so I got the same phone I already had.

However, after buying the new phone to solve the ”OLD” PROBLEM, I discovered

NO relief.

A T+T asked me if I lived near TREES. Trees can cause “big problems” with some cell phones, they said.

That was just crazy.

Then they told me to buy new SIMS card [if you have had your card for a long time, a new card will improve your service] . . . so I purchased a new SIMS card for $30.

No relief.

I finally called into A T+T threatening them that I was so frustrated that I was ready to start shopping for another provider.

THEIR solution?
To sell me their new 3-G Tower they were offering their best customers for only $199 [remember I had been with them for 12 years].
And YES, there was a monthly service fee for this tower that would be plugged into a wall in my office to “boost my service”
… and … OH YES … I would need to sign a 2-YEAR agreement with them [not even knowing if there was RELIEF in sight].

Feeling completely frustrated, I was ready to find a new service. I ran into a friend, he said:
Hey you heard of SOLaVEI? Yes I have heard about it, but tell me more.

He told me about the UNLIMITED 4-G Talk-Text-Data all for ONLY $49 / month.
Too good to be true!! I thought. I came home and did my due dilligence and researched SOLaVEI:

  • how were they funded? [google it] They will be in business for a long time.
  • who was their service provider [T-Mobile] They are using one of the best in the market.
  • are they a MLM [yes-but the product they were selling was not overpriced like most MLM's and it was something that I needed: CELL service]
  • Why SOLaVEI? because it offers UNLIMITED talk – text – and data for only $49/month — no hidden charges — no hidden fees


OKthis was a NO brainer!!!

  • I would be reducing my bill from $75/month to $49/month
  • I would be increasing the capabilities of an "old" phone
  • I can shop for a SMART PHONE, get exactly what I want, and pay only $49/month and this is a FLAT FEE for UNLIMITED talk-text-data


How do you do this?

Go to http://unlimited-talk-txt-data.com take a look around, ask me questions, check the availability in your area, Enroll.

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I have Verizon unlimited everything for 49 and love it, a few bugs but nothing to fret over it

Sep 26, 2012 12:55 PM