Colonial Cutie in Lebanon

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Wilson County was established by the Tennessee General Assembly on Oct. 26, 1799, three years after Tennessee became a state. On Nov. 13, 1801, the town of Lebanon was authorized, and the local cedar trees gave the place its name as a reminder of the Biblical land of the cedars. Originally called “one of the prettiest of Tennessee’s country towns”, it became a center of commerce, culture and education. Cumberland University opened in September 1842 with 45 students. Lebanon is also home to the famous Castle Heights Military Academy, established in 1902. The school was a prestigious private boys and girls school, but was later changed to an all-male military academy. Though the school closed in the 1980′s, the “Main” building is now preserved as City Hall. Lebanon has also been the home of five governors of Tennessee. It’s a grand place of honor, public service and heritage.

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Public square in Lebanon, TN.

Written by Stephanie Brake

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