Not Top 5 on Google? Here's a New Opportunity to be Top 5 on Five4Now

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Five4nowWith everything going mobile the writing is on the wall for the traditional PC and laptop.  Will you ever buy another PC?  This will change how people will find you and your business!  I've learned in real estate that change equals opportunity.  To see what I'm talking about you have to check out this new mobile app that just launched a few days ago called Five4Now.  You can go to or better yet download the free app in the App Store by typing "five 4 now" and hitting search.  The app will be available on Android in 2-3 weeks.

Five4now gives the user up to 5 great businesses in your area in the business category you've searched in literally about 5 seconds, which is just 2 or 3 touches in most cases.  When you open the app you see your location on a map, you hit the search button, select the category you want like "professional", "real estate", "residential" and voila there will be up to 5 realtors that display on the map.  You can click each icon to see their name, address and phone number and with one more touch you can call them or get directions to their office.  In a couple weeks you will also be able to click a link to their website or book an appointment for today or tomorrow, all through the app.  It is so easy, so simple, no Google, no spam, no ads, and no clicking through multiple pages.  Every business on the app has to maintain their customer rating or they get booted off, ensuring that the businesses deliver quality products and services.

So here's the opportunity.  You have to sign up to be on the five4now app.  The app is called five4now because they only allow up to 5 businesses to advertise in each category.  All you have to do to stay one of the 5 businesses is maintain your customer rating above 7 out of 10 and honor your monthly subscription.  So if and when this app takes off, you will be locked in as 1 of 5 great businesses in your area.  The pricing is based on population in the zip codes you choose and is very reasonable compared to costs of other local advertising.  Since the app is brand new there's probably not going to be 5 people in your area signed up in your category so that's even better.  If you already have a mobile website this would be a great tie-in as well.

I've heard they're tweaking a few quirks since launching this week.  And the Droid version is a few weeks away as well as some additional functionality like appointment scheduling, URL links and customer ratings.  But with a little vision you can see how simple and fast the app is and how it may be used several times a month unlike a lot of other niche apps.  I also think it could be amazing when traveling, like having a concierge in your pocket wherever you go.

I've signed up in my area (signup link is currently on the login page).  Please check it out and let me know what you think, and if you know of any similar apps out there.  Again, the site is and you can download the free app in the App Store by typing "five 4 now" and hitting search.  The app will be available on Android in 2-3 weeks.


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What a great app and easy to use. 

Sep 28, 2012 03:26 AM