We Search for Homes in Hawaii By Neighborhood Not City-Here's Why

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Map of OahuHawaii, the State, is a small chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific (more on Hawaii).  Hawaii is also the island of Hawaii and the county of Hawaii, which includes the island of Hawaii (better known as the Big Island).  Maui is an island and a county, but the county of Maui also includes Lanai island - confused yet?  Oahu is an island, but it is in the county of Honolulu, which is also a city and is the capital of Hawaii (the state) and is located on the island of Oahu. Now I bet I've got your head spinning-and there's more.

Cities may or may not be the main division of areas, therefore nor would zip codes.  The City of Honolulu includes eight areas, from Moanalua/Salt Lake and Downtown to Waikiki, then on around Diamond Head to East Oahu that has ten neighborhoods from Diamond Head to Hawaii Kai.  Then, for example, Hawaii Kai includes sub-neighborhoods of Maunaloa, Koko Kai, and Portlock.  

Depending on where you are going to work and where you want to play, the neighborhood within an area is where you need to focus your home search.  You may be working at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii but either Beachside in Kailua, Portlock in East Oahu, or Palisades in Pearl City might be the place you want to cal lHome in Hawaii.  

Still confused, no worries, I'm here to help.  Check out Neighborhoods on Oahu in Hawaii.  And give me a call - we'll find the right home for you, online in your time.

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