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What is Modern Architecture?

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(Lovell Beach House, Los Angeles -1926)

"I don't think you should be calling these "modern" when they are clearly 50 years old,"

my friend says, snickering at me when I roll my eyes in response. While he knows it is my mission to match deserving modern homes with adoring owners who understand and want to preserve their unique character. He also knows my frustration with the lack of knowledge and/or appreciation of architectural styles in the Realtor and Investor community.
Modern Architecture actually began appearing around the world near the turn of the century....and I don't mean the 21st Century!
Simple forms, absence of ornament and a different use of glass, steel and concrete are the common characteristics of the structures referred to as International Modern. (see above picture)


The Modernist movement continued to evolve into the period referred to as "mid-century modern" (1940-1970). Homes of this period were designed to be accessible to everyone. To keep them affordable, inexpensive materials were utilized. These homes still have little or no ornamention, focusing instead on the surroundings...visually bringing the outdoors in with walls of glass. Post and Beam construction is common, creating large open rooms with vaulted ceilings. These homes are generally one level with horizontal lines including flat or slightly pitched roofs.