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Yard Ramps - For Commercial Real Estate


If you are selling commercial real estate in this market you know that one of the primary challenges is matching a property’s loading dock capacities with the prospective user’s needs.  If there is no loading dock at a building and a prospective buyer or tenant needs the capability to unload a semi trailer with a fork lift, that building is usually eliminated from the prospect’s list of possible locations.  A building could be perfect in every other way but the cost of adding a loading dock may make that building too expensive to consider. 


I’ve come across a piece of equipment called a yard ramp or a forklift ramp that can be purchased, leased or rented that will enable a tenant or building owner to create new loading dock capability.  The cost of a yard ramp is in the $10,000 to $15,000 range.  This compares with the $50,000 cost to add a loading dock or expand loading dock capabilities in a facility.  This is a very attractive option but even better this portable loading dock is not a permanent lease hold improvement.  The building owner or tenant can move the equipment from one building to the next or even sell the yard ramp in the open market. 


A yard ramp is a piece of equipment that every commercial real estate broker should know about and understand.  If you can understand the way to use a forklift ramps you may expand the options for a prospect and help to close a deal.  There is a company, HandiRamp that offers great customer service and can deliver a yard ramp to anywhere in the world.  The company will provide free consulting services to help your prospects determine which ramp is best for their needs.  The company will also provide short and long term yard ramp rentals.  Finally if a business has bought a fork lift ramp and no longer needs it HandiRamp will buy the used yard ramp and put that ramp into its rental fleet.  You can call HandiRamp’s main office at 847-680-7700. 

Fork Lift Ramps in use


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Mobile yard ramps are very useful yard ramps can be used on loading grounds for loading and unloading cargo from trailers, docks.

Nov 16, 2012 04:30 PM