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HomeZill Selling your HomeEven Oprah Winfrey might have a hard time selling a mansion in this real estate market. Homes in great neighborhoods possessing exceptional architecture and well-landscaped gardens are suffering. During the housing boom, these properties practically sold themselves. Now, it’s not as easy as putting sign in your font yard.

Here are some tips for selling a high-end home in a soft real estate market:

1. Proper Pricing – No matter the size of your home, pricing will determine how long your home sits on the market. Don’t be afraid to drop the listing price to gain more interest. The chances are the money you lose here will be substantially less than if you priced your home high and brought down.

2. Hiring a Realtor – A good Realtor adds enough value to your home (or generates a good offer) to cover the commission you will pay out. An important factor in choosing your Realtor is to make sure they’re familiar with the neighborhood. Knowledge is priceless when it comes to a Realtor selling your home. Also, how do they plan on marketing your home? Hiring a team of agents can assure you will have the proper representation when

3. Quick Fixes – Investing money in a huge remodel is not usually going to pay off. Unless there is a great need for a fix like a leaky roof, stick with easy inexpensive fixes like painting and landscaping.

4. Web Brokers – Using a service like will reduce your overhead costs and allow you to sell your home paying a reduced commission.  95% of home buyers use the web when searching for homes so unlike in the past, it is important to have a tech-savvy Realtor with a large online market presence.

5. Staging – Hiring a staging company to fill your home with nice furniture and professional decorations will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. The offers that you will receive often will make up for cost of the staging.

6. Incentives – Think about it... The cost of giving away a plasma TV, paying for hardwoods, or a credit for new appliances is worth it. Especially, if your home is going to sit on the market forever. These incentives are not going to get someone to buy your home, but they definitely get people in the door.

There is no ONE secret that will sell your home, but you do have to consider what will work for your home. Some factors will be the quality of your home, the particular market, the neighborhood you’re selling in, and the condition of your home. Remember, price your home to sell in the beginning to avoid the pitfalls of buyers targeting a “desperate seller”.

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