Neighborhood Compatibility Questionnaire

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In the adapting world of real estate, many often forget the crucial impact cultural studies plays on the industry's success. We've been dominately impacted, over and over again, by the market's "negative numbers" for the last decade that realtors and the people alike are asking for something different. We want more fun, excitement, and what is most fitting to help with recovery and sustain its survival.

It's the very questions we've been pondering since our company's inception: How do we reach out again? How do we add some spice where the traditional recipe has grown dull? How do we bring the LOVE? We began to pull statistical information from previous voting polls, list what specific restaurants/venues are offered, and much, much more, all in attempt to understand exactly what kind of lifestyle is offered in our beloved city. Then we began to notice how each Nashville neighborhood has it's own "character" and "attitude", and we felt there was a fascinating opportunity to tie this into a relevant, modern approach.

I am very pleased to announce we have OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED a Neighborhood Compatibility Questionnaire for all and any who are interested in relocating or for those considering starting a business! This short survey is designed to gather feedback for 12 generic and popular values (politics, religion, entertainment, etc) in order to determine which 3 geographic regions match their personal interests the best.

It's fast, it's easy, it's effective, and... well, incredibly romantic. See for yourself, my fellow lovebirds.

Written by Stephanie Brake

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