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Honestly I cannot wait to see these!! I hope many of you participate! I know you have some great stories up your sleeve! And it’s a great way to earn points ;)

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We all have them -- the stories that nobody would believe if you wrote them as fiction, yet are true! Anyone in the real estate business has these stories, the ones that make you laugh until you cry or just bug out your eyes in disbelief. Here are some examples of mine:

Realtor is showing an occupied house. The family is downstairs cooking dinner (yes, fish, right now). Realtor goes upstairs with clients, knocks on the first bedroom door (it is closed). Male voice says "Come in!" and when she pushes the door open, there is junior (and a very big, college age junior at that), sprawled across his bed putting photos in a photo album. In his tighty whiteys. Seriously. No joke. He just kept doing his thing while the buyers peeked in and made their way to the next bedroom. No they did not buy the house. (Question - how badly did that seller want to sell the house? Seriously, fish frying in the kitchen and a 19-year-old college wrestler in his underwear on the bed?) a walk thru, the buyer keeps going on an on how she hates rodents of all kinds: mice, rats, bats, you name it. She's moving to the country, I remind her, so she is likely to see a mouse or two. I am the seller's agent doing the walk thru. She replies that she would have a heart attack if she sees one. As we approach the basement steps to go to the garage, there is a dead field mouse stretched out in our path. I bend down, grab it by the tail, march over to the garage door and fling it out, while she is 5 steps behind me. She never saw the mouse. We closed and I never heard another word from this buyer. (Photo at right courtesy John Stansbury via flickr.)

Those are just two stories from my own personal "most outrageous" book of stories. What are yours?

The Challenge:

Write a blog post telling us your personal "most outrageous" situation or event that happened in your real estate career. I know it might be hard to limit it to one but give it a shot!

NOTE--this is open to all persons involved in AR and professionals. Not just realtors!

The post needs to be 300 words minimum, and include at least one photo/graphic.

500 points will be rewarded for your entry. You may write as many posts as you wish but only one post will be awarded 500 bonus points. In addition, we'll be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners:

Winner #1: 2000 points

Winner #2: 1500 points

Winner #3: 1000 points

Besides me, the ever-so-funny Sheldon Neal will be helping judge this challenge, as will the sharp-witted Chris Ann Cleland. They both have a wicked, dry sense of humor -- and so do I -- so give us all you've got! 

We're looking for hysterically funny, I can't believe you just did that moments, as well as the ones that someone would seriously doubt could ever happen to us (think crawling underneath a porch to fetch a key you dropped, in your heels and suit, to find the buyer staring at you as you back out). Yeah, we know the truth. We've all done it, so confess now, for points!

Deadline for entry: Midnight, AR time October 31, 2012.

Please post a link to your entry here in the comments below. 








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