Friends Don’t Let Friends Build Lousy Custom Homes

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By Jon Solomon

I'm not trying to start a new movement or create a public service announcement, but have you seen what some builders have been passing off as custom homes these days?!

We're not going to name names, but these builders need to be honest and say,

“Hey, we’re a production homebuilder masquerading as a custom homebuilder. Our large communities have gotten slow, unprofitable (or insert reason here), so we have decided to build new homes in South Tampa and other Tampa Bay areas because we can slap together one of our production homes and get a much higher profit margin.”

From a business perspective, I can’t blame them for taking this approach, but I’m not sure why someone looking to build a custom home would choose to work with a production builder, rather than a Tampa custom home builder.

Most folks looking to build a custom home are looking for the flexibility to design their floorplans and exterior, as well as all the interior finishes. That’s not the approach for production homebuilders. They have limited floorplans and finishes to select and they don't have the resources and processes to support a custom home development.

Beyond the flexibility issues, here are some of the common quality differences that we see regularly:

  • Frame exterior walls
  • Electric tank water heaters vs. more energy efficient gas tankless water heaters
  • No pre-wiring for home automation or surround sound
  • The most basic home insulation and termite prevention
  • No mold prevention treatment
  • Limited interior trim like crown, base mold and window/door casing
  • Low grade paint and fixtures

If you’re looking to build a custom home that truly allows you the flexibility and quality that comes with it, contact us. And if you have a friend considering building a custom home, remember that true friends don't let friends build lousy custom homes.

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