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Refi Applications Surge As Rates Hit Record Lows

Oct 5th, 2012 (


Mortgage rates inched down this week, hitting fresh lows as homeowners across the country rush to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce their mortgage payments.


The historic low rates led to a surge in refinances last week, as the volume of applications jumped to the highest level in more than three years, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's weekly survey. Mortgage applications increased 16.6 percent from a week earlier. About 83 percent of all applications were from refinancers.


As the Federal Reserve continues its plans to purchase $40 billion worth of mortgage bonds per month, it is unlikely that mortgage rates will spike anytime soon, say industry observers.


But that doesn't mean borrowers should wait to refinance, says Cameron Findlay, chief economist for Discover Home Loans.

"You've got between now and the election," Findlay says to borrowers who want to grab the lowest rate possible. "I don't expect any significant changes in rates between now and then, but post-election, all bets are off."





Oct 4th, 2012 (


30-year Conventional:         

3.52% -- with avg. points: 0.44 pts


15-year Conventional:         

2.84% -- with avg. points: 0.44 pts                                                                                          


30-year FHA:          

3.47% -- with avg. points: 0.44 pts


5-year Conventional ARM:           

2.67% -- with avg. points: 0.44 pts



30 Year Fixed Trend Over Last 3 Months


Mortgage rates







Date           Conventional            FHA                VA          


10/04          Slightly Higher        Higher           Higher

      ·         10 Year Treasury Yield opened at 1.64


10/03          Lower          Slightly Lower   Slightly Lower

      ·              10 Year Treasury Yield closed at 1.62


10/02          Slightly Lower   Slightly Lower   Slightly Lower

      ·              10 Year Treasury Yield closed at 1.62


10/01          Slightly Higher    Slightly Higher   Unchanged  

      ·         10 Year Treasury Yield closed at 1.62


09/28          Slightly Higher    Unchanged   Slightly Higher

      ·         10 Year Treasury Yield closed at 1.64


09/27          Slightly Higher       Higher             Higher

      ·               10 Year Treasury Yield closed at 1.64





Oct 4th, 2012 (


Will rates rise or remain relatively unchanged this week?

Industry experts and analysts provide their insights.


·       25% of respondents expect rates to fall in the coming weeks  


·       17% predict a further increase in mortgage rates while the remaining  


·       58% forecast that mortgage rates will remain more or less unchanged



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