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Audubon Naples Florida Update 10-5-2012

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Audubon Naples Florida is on its way to recovery with two new pending properties today.

Let's start with the Audubon real estate statistics:

There are 28 Audubon homes on the market and 1 Audubon condo with 3 homes currently under contract.

There are 6 Audubon condos that have sold during the past year.  That means if you are interested in an Audubon condo, you have the choice of one at this time.  This also means that if you own an Audubon condo and you've been waiting for the market to stabilize before putting yours on the market, now would be a great time to do it with a couple of words of caution.  Just because inventory is really low doesn't mean you get to pick any price you want and can expect it to sell.  I am seeing evidence all over town right now of people who are really inflating prices because they think since they're the only property on the market all rules go out the window.  That's simply not true. 

If you own a Montclair Audubon condo you have a terrific opportunity right now.  If you list your Audubon condo today relatively close to fair market value, you should have NO problem getting it sold but make sure you're at least within fair market value range because pricing it considerably higher is only going to lead to longer than necessary market times as historically proven.  Contact me for more details about how to get the most for your Audubon condo in the least amount of time.

If you're thinking about buying an Audubon condo, contact me directly.  There's a story here but since there's only one on the market I probably shouldn't single this one out publicly... :)

Here's what's happening with the Audubon home market:

Currently, there are 28 Audubon homes on the market with 20 sold during the past 12 months and now 3 under contract leaving a 22 month supply of inventory.  This is excellent news if you're a buyer because you have more talking points for negotiation here than many other locations around Naples.  Just glancing over the inventory I see a home priced at a TERRIFIC value. Unfortunately, I see some others that don't really make sense as far as pricing is concerned and even though the market has not leveled pricing (prematurely) is starting to rise.  If you're thinking about buying an Audubon home, make sure you or your agent is doing the homework because there are some points you want to keep your eye on here.  

Does this look like a time to buy in Audubon or what???

List prices for Audubon single-family homes are up 7%
compared to the Audubon homes that have sold.  If I were working with an Audubon seller and they wanted to sell this season, I would seriously refrain from padding prices right now unless they have something exceptional to sell but there are several strategies to get the most for what you've got.  Staging is one of them.  Call me for details!

If you are an investor who likes to remodel and flip there are some clear opportunities here since some of the lower priced homes are in need of a facelift.  The number of buyers who want to sign up for a colossal project aren't nearly as large as those who want to park their golf shoes at the door and start experiencing life in Naples right away.  They're willing to pay for a home if they don't have to gut and start over. Let me help you identify the best property to pretty up so you can make a profit!

If you're thinking about purchasing a Naples golf home or condo, call me.  I offer something unique to the Naples market and that is a 5 point buying strategy.  If you and I haven't talked about what that is, call me.  It gives you the best shot at cutting a great deal in Audubon or any of the 20 Naples neighborhoods I cover. 

If you're not purchasing in one of my Naples neighborhoods where I work, no worries.  I have a whole team who covers the entire market and can direct you to a professional who can do a fabulous job for you!

PS~ We're only on our 13th day of Fall and some of us are already getting snow! It's time to pull the Naples real estate trigger my friends!  That reminds me of a joke... What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf?  You hang around while I go on ahead...ha ha burrrr!

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