I'm Back In Business, It's been a long Year.

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 North Shore


It's been one year since I have taken a leave from the Real Estate World. I have decided it is time to get back and make some sales. Since my leave of absence I have made at least 6 referrals with no outcome due to my clients not receiving the service they are use to. Although some have made purchases through other agents and some are waiting on me to get back, I am happy to say, "Let's go".This last year has been very busy for me and my family, and I really have missed my communications with past clients. Looking back I'm not even sure if it was worth the break. 

I have made some very positive changes as I became very bored and needed to find something I would not only enjoy but put to good use. So I have enrolled myself into college, and currently I am studying Behavioral Science. I am antsipating becomeing a substance and alcohol abuse councilor. My ambision is to work with teenagers and I hope to start a program within the school system for teens to attend. 

I have also taken pleasure out of phototography and have been featured on HLN Evening News "Evenings Across America" for a sunset photo I took. I have enjoyed my time with my family my job is not done as far as the needs of my family, but I know me I am very motivated and ready to work.

I am looking forward to getting back to work and will be on a part time basis. I am glad to be back with the professionals that I have missed so much, as well as the clients. 

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