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Buying vs. Renting - Simple Math

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Are you tired of making someone else's real estate payments?


If you buy a home. . .

If you rent . . .

1.      You have a great tax write-off.

2.      You are not at the mercy of your landlord.

3.      Your housing expense may never go up.

4.      You can use, decorate and enjoy your home as you see fit.

5.      You may build a large equity with long term appreciation.

6.      Your house will become a home.

1.      No tax write-off.

2.      You can be evicted.

3.      Your rent can go up.

4.      You must get permission to make improvements or changes.

5.      No equity build-up.

6.      It is always temporary.




Buy a home.
It is still the best investment!