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With Affordability High, More Home Owners Supersize (Anacortes Homes)

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Realtor Magazine says, "With housing prices at their cheapest levels in decades, some buyers are finding it a great time to trade in for that trophy home. Sales of larger homes have risen in many places in recent months. For example, KB Homes reports a 17 percent increase nationwide in the appetite for larger home sizes. In Sacramento, Calif., large-home sales have surged 24 percent with the average square foot rising to 2,100 in the second quarter compared to less than 1,700 square feet in 2010. "Low prices, low interest rates, and the marginally small cost of getting a bigger house are fueling the demand," reports The Sacramento Bee. "It's sort of like a super-sized drink at a fast-food restaurant; it doesn't cost that much more than a small one, compared to the extra soda you're getting.