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I know there has been tons of fallout and no where to find homes for your loans, then came along Robin. I work for Wachovia mortgage where we have over 200 products STILL to fit your needs. Unlike other banks we will be around for the long haul and will always be closing, closing, closing. Right now we have no FICO requirement under an 80 LTV, Jumbo Stated Pricing up to 3,000,000, Foreign Nationals stated up to 2,500,000, No 4506, Same Pricing Stated as Full Doc. I know that there are loans everywhere like this that have not found homes but I am here to the rescue. Serving the TriState area but also parts of the US. I know there on your desk I can get them placed and closed for you with Wachovia. Feel free to contact me and let's work together.



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