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Are you a working Mom?  Here are the 7 Best Cities to live in.. however, can't say that working moms are paid what they really deserve!  After all, they do have "TWO" jobs!


7 Best Cities for Working Moms

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The Buckeye state is a good place for mothers with careers, at least according to a recent study by Forbes that had Ohio cities the most in the top places for working moms. Forbes factored in women’s earnings, safety, school districts, average commute, and more to determine the best cities for working moms.

The following are the seven cities topping its list, as well as the annual earnings of women in those locales. (Note: The cities were not ranked on earnings alone, but multiple factors.)

1. Columbus, Ohio

Women’s annual earnings: $32,086

2. New Orleans, La.

Women’s annual earnings: $27,778

3. Hartford, Conn.

Women’s annual earnings: $36,966

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

Women’s annual earnings: $30,769

5. Providence, R.I.

Women’s annual earnings: $32,187

6. Birmingham, Ala.

Women’s annual earnings: $27,666

7. Cleveland

Women’s annual earnings: $29,601

Source: “2012 Best Cities for Working Mothers,” Forbes (October 2012)

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