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Highest technologies enable us to become the best supplier of fences. We provide you all kinds of wood grain fences, wood grain doors and windows. All kind of color and styles make your home different from others. And this product are bound to be the new and taste for the decoration.


Our product can meet your DIY Needs. It is our design purpose. With our design and specialized parts, you can make unique fence by yourselves.

We will count the price for you if you send a sketch of your fence design,including measurements, gate placement and any detailed information.

Compared to vinyl fence, wooden fence, oak fence, our fence boast most of the advantages.

Main Materials of our fence is made of steel or alumuinum but with our advanced technology, it has the service life of 10-20 years, and even longer if it is not destroyed intentionly.

Wood is our natural resource, is so limited. Our product can help you have the wood grain fences while protecting the environment. During the years of using our fence, people will not detroy the forest for about 10 -20 years! What a good idea and good deed!
Pls give us a try and make your wise fence, mesh,wire,outdoor decoration

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