A Professional Stager Pays Attention to the Details

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Kristine Ginsberg is a successful, highly knowledgeable home stager who always shares relevant content.  I read this post and thought it not only applies to home stagers, but Realtors and homeowners trying to sell their houses on their own.

Thanks, Kristine!

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Original content by Kristine Ginsberg

 A Professional Stager Pays Attention to the Details


As a Morris County Professional Home Stager I’ve staged hundreds of homes over the years and learned a few things about preparing homes for MLS photos and showings. Besides bringing my stager’s tool kit, I also bring a cleaning kit complete with an iron, extendable duster, Windex, paper towels, wood stain stick, and stainless steel cleaner.

Make sure your home stands out from the competition! 

Even the cleanest homes need a good polish and vacuuming just before taking the MLS photos so it shines and looks its absolute best.

Iron bedding so it looks crisp and new. The easiest way to do this is right on the bed. It only takes a few minutes and makes a big difference in the overall presentation.

Vacuum rugs just before taking the MLS photos. You’d be surprised how much better a vacuumed rug looks, especially if it’s a high pile that shows footprints.

Windex surfaces so they sparkle. Even if the client has cleaned, during staging you kick up dust and it will show up in the photos.

Unplug or hide chords and wires with tape if possible. You can clone them out later, but it's tricky and you need practice. Try taping chords to the back of furniture so it doesn’t show up in the photo.

Dust all fake plants! The camera can and will ferret out dust, especially on fake greenery. Take a wet paper towel and wipe down the leaves. And, only use quality silk plants – this really doesn’t need an explanation.

Clean and polish stainless steel appliances so they shine and look new on MLS  and in person. Stainless steel is only beautiful if it’s shiny.

Use an extendable duster for those hard to reach places like chandeliers, ceiling fans, lamps, or high ceilings. Also, ask your client to wet mop their hardwoods. This especially makes a difference in the MLS photos.

Before you take any MLS photos scan the entire room for hidden junk. Some people are pressed for time and stash things under beds or couches, ect. The camera will find and polarize them!

Have the homeowner remove all cars from the driveway for outdoor MLS photos as well as indoors. You will always get a better view with no cars in the driveway.

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