Lions and Tigers and Bears – Denver Zoo & Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Lions and Tigers and Bears – All in Colorado? OH MY! Looking for a fun activity? If you live in Colorado (or if you are visiting), you simply must visit the Denver Zoo and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo at least one time each. If you have young children, chances are good that you will visit these two places several times a year, but even without children these attractions are exceptional. Colorado is lucky to be home to two fantastic zoos! Even if you live in the Denver metropolitan area, a visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is worth the drive. Speaking of the drive, please note that Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located in Colorado Springs - - NOT in Cheyenne, Wyoming! There have been numerous reports of Denver-area residents heading north on I-25 towards Cheyenne, Wyoming instead of driving south towards Colorado Springs – which is where the zoo is actually located. Even though making a 1 ½ hour drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming in hopes of visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a funny story that you can tell your friends and relatives for many years to come, you may not find it very hilarious when you get to Cheyenne, Wyoming only to discover Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located 3 ½ hours in the other direction! More About the Zoos Denver Zoo: The Denver Zoo is located in Denver's City Park. The Zoo's main entrance is on 23rd Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and York Street. The exact address is 2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO, 80205. The Denver Zoo is open every day of the year and is home to nearly 4,000 animals representing 700 species. More than one and a half million people visit the Denver Zoo each year. Information about the zoo’s highlights is featured here – including details about the zoo’s new Predator Ridge exhibit and the world’s largest indoor Komodo dragon exhibit. Zoo hours vary depending on the season, so click here for specific details. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located at 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906. The zoo is located on 146 acres and is home to 800 different animal species. One of the zoo’s most popular attractions is My Big Backyard, a touch-and-see family area where kids can pet small animals and play on a playground and giant tree house. Something that visitors can experience at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that is not available at most nationwide zoos is the Giraffe Feeding Experience. For just $2, visitors can feed one of the many giraffes that live at the zoo – an experience that kids and adults of all ages will remember for the rest of their lives! Which Zoo is Better? This is a difficult (if not impossible) question to answer. The two zoos are both fantastic attractions. They are different enough to make an argument for visiting both at least one time. Neither zoo is a destination that should not be missed. Have you been to both zoos? If so, we’d like to know your opinion of them… would you recommend one over the other? Want more information about all of the other attractions in the State of Colorado? Give the Wise Listing Team a call today at (303) 814-3684.
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