Chips for now; a new spot for information, tips and conversation

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In a conversation recently, someone shared they were having trouble with a little thing in email that unfortunately many of us with some experience take for granted.

When, at our house, we were all embracing technology a few years ago, some moved ahead of others.  It was SO tempting, when they asked for help, to just say, "Oh here let me do it." -- grab the mouse and fix it for them.  Or for them to get into the habit of calling the 'know-hows' to their rescue.   And, mouse hogs that we "know-hows' were, frequently, we kept our bit of power.

In our email conversation, a couple of us commented, "Oh, that is SO easy.  Just click this and right click that and there you go."  When I got back to my computer and checked, I found that the little things we were doing unconsciously, are not SO easy.  

This lesson led to the beginning of Chips of Opinion as a simple wordpress blog and part of Ozarks Mountain Country .  The chips won't be limited to computer tips, and I have no clear idea where it is going. It just was time to fill a need for the Ozark, Mansfield,Missouri and scattered readers.

We are becoming more assertive and energetic in Mansfield, Missouri. If you have thought about moving to the Ozarks, you will find creative, ingenuity and resourcefulness among your friendly new neighbors.  


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