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Greetings oh avid reader!
Here we are, starting yet another new year. Often this is a time to reflect back on the previous year and look ahead to the coming months.
Seems to me that looking back is a bit of a waste of time - it's hard to surge ahead when you're gazing upon and basking in the past.
But a little reflection isn't a bad thing, and it helps set the direction going forward.
This year I plan to do the following with the Buxmont Real Estate Guy blog:
1) Provide more local content. This blog will never be a "hyper-local" Bucks County and Huntingdon Valley area real estate blog - a blog consisting of nothing but Bucks County and Huntingdon Valley real estate information. Some argue that is the only way to a "successful" blog. Whatever. Buxmont Real Estate Guy has always been - and will always be - a somewhat eclectic mix of local, regional and national real estate things along with completely off-topic, sometimes seemingly random musings.
You see, I tend to write about whatever is on my mind. As a real estate professional, often real estate is on my mind. But as a, husband and human being I do have other things clogging my brain. For me, the best way to empty my head is to let it spill out onto the keyboard. You will read (or at least have the opportunity to read) about
my wife, and even my dog.

These posts had little to do with real estate, but they have a lot to do with life. I pour my heart and soul into this silly blog sometimes. I won't sugar coat anything, ever. What you see here is me - like it, love it or leave it. I've made lots a friends here (too many to list), and
pissed a few people off too.
2) Post more frequently. Also done. 359 posts in calendar 2007, call it once a day. That's about twice the 2006 posting rate. I thought some were good. Maybe even brilliant . Some were awful. I guess the best plan for 2008 would be to increase the brilliance and decrease the awful. Grand idea, execution of that idea remains to be seen.
3) Keep my blog roll updated.

My "Site of the Week" series swiftly turned into the "Site of the Whenever I Happen to Remember" series. I love highlighting new bloggers and will attempt to do better at that this year.
I hope 2008 to be a great year here at the Buxmont Real Estate Guy. I blog to learn and to share (mission hopefully accomplished).
That is one Long Tail of search. (Look for a post soon on search terms used here. It's really quite fascinating to examine. Well, fascinating if you're on the geekish side...)
I wish every one of our readers, their families and friends a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous new year. Thank you all so much for stopping by and sharing a little slice of our world.





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