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The real scoop on the Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City

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Updated 5/19/2016

Do not buy or rent a condo at the Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City until you read this. There are some important things that you should know before you sign on the dotted line. There are a lot of condo complexes to choose from in the downtown Salt Lake City area. Hopefully, I can help you decide whether or not the Broadway Park Lofts are a good fit for you. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Broadway Park Lofts
The Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City are located at 360 W Broadway (300 South). The location is good in that it is close to everything but it is also right across the street from the infamous Pioneer Park.

There are 3 different sizes of lofts at the Broadway Park Lofts. The main floor units are the smallest at just 397 square feet. Yes, that is correct, they are just 397 square feet. It's small, but the whole side wall of the unit opens up onto a common patio so you can pull out the dinner table. There is a spiral staircase going to the upstairs, which is just big enough to fit a bathroom, a queen size bed, a closet, and a European washer/dryer. Small but amazingly cool, these units typicall sell for well under $200k.
Broadway Park Lofts Kitchen
The middle floor units and the Broadway Park Lofts are 694 sq ft although they do feel bigger than that. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. One entire wall is one big window that opens up like a garage door. Both bedrooms can accommodate a queen size bed. I'm not sure whether a king would fit or not. These units are currently selling for less than $300,000

The top floor units at the Broadway Park Lofts are the same as the middle floor units except that there is another stairway going from the 2nd level up to the roof. Each top floor unit gets its own roof space. There is a good 400 square feet or so of space up there and the view is great. These units are really cool, but they also cost about $40,000 more than the middle floor units. Well worth it, though, in my opinion.

***Update*** - Phase 2 of the Broadway Park Lofts now includes several additional floorplans, some of which are substantially larger than the phase 1 units. The general style is the same as phase 1 but some of the sizes and layouts have been changed. 

All in all, the Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City are one of the best deals in the downtown area. Here is the good and the bad:

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(keep in mind that there are not always units available in this community. If you don't see anything on this list, it is because nothing is currently available)


Pricing:$200,000 - $500,000
HOA Fee: $145/month
HOA Covers: Garage parking (1 space), maintenance of common areas, exterior insurance
Size: 397 - 759 square feet
Year Built: 2012
Animals Permitted? Pets > 75 Lbs

Parking: 1 assigned spot in a covered garage
FHA Approved: Yes

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The Good:
The Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City are some of the coolest condos I have ever been in. There are other condominium complexes in the area that have more features, are bigger, or have more amenities, but on straight coolness, The Broadway Park Lofts wins.
Tony Caputo's Market, Cartucci's Bakery, and Bruges Waffles and Frites are all on the same block and the Gateway Mall is easily within walking distance so the location is convenient.
These units will likely hold up very well since they are made entirely of concrete and steel. You’d need a jackhammer to do much damage to these things.
Broadway Park Lofts Window

The Bad:
The location is good in that it is close to everything but it is also right across the street from the infamous Pioneer Park. You know, Pioneer Park, the Mecca for homeless people across Utah. Word on the street is that every homeless person must make a pilgrimage there at least three times per week.
Parking at the Broadway Park Lofts can be problematic. You get one space in the garage but the only other spots available are at parking meters. Also, the garage isn’t very secure. 

***Update*** - the garage issue is now fixed. The garage is now very secure. Great job Broadway Park Lofts!

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Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or you want to take a look at the Broadway Park Lofts in Salt Lake City

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Nice post and cool pictures. Hope you have a great day. 

Oct 15, 2012 02:55 AM
Rachell Lara & A List Properties
eXp Realty / 619.316.7445 - San Diego, CA
A List Properties - San Diego Neighborhood Experts

Love the post, great pictures and information. Love the concept of the condos as well.

Oct 15, 2012 06:11 AM
Kathy Clulow
Uxbridge, ON
Trusted For Experience - Respected For Results

Connor - you have to love the "garage door windows" I think that is a great idea ..... How weather tight are they ..... our sub zero winter weather here would require a decent R factor.

Oct 17, 2012 07:42 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Good information for prospective purchasers. And, FHA financing is not a bad thing in this price range.

Enjoy the colors of autumn with your camera in hand.

Chihuly Exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Oct 22, 2012 02:01 AM
Jay G.

Love this information as I am looking at purchasing a loft in Salt Lake. That said, I've got a loft already in downtown Los Angeles and I have to say, the 'homeless problem' at Pioneer Park and in Salt Lake in general isn't much of a 'problem' at all.

I'm not saying this to be obnoxious —only to offer the perspective as someone who lives in an area with far more homeless/crime than this area. If someone is moving from a similar environment, chances are you almost feel as if this is as clean as suburbia, minus the minivans!

Oct 20, 2014 03:22 AM
Connor Southworth
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Jay G. for your comment! I agree, the homeless problem in Salt Lake is very minor compared to many other major cities. Thanks for the input!

Oct 21, 2014 04:05 AM