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Navigating today's New York Real Estate market can be a very scary thing.  Both Buyers and Sellers in todays New York Real Estate market are facing some pretty scary stuff. 

The horror stories of families trying to sell their houses for over a year are endless- oddly enough buyers share similar tales of searching for homes in excess of twelve months.  Why all the drama? Well the answer is fairly easy. Real Estate is in constant flux. 

Utilizing an experienced agent is a good start, but it's not always enough. 

Sellers should seek the help of an experienced agent with market reach.  Chances are the person looking to purchase a home like yours lives outside of the area which your property is located.  Don't just limit yourself to the buyers in just your community. 

Buyers if you are ready to purchase either your first home, second or even an investment property, there is absolutely no reason the process should take you twelve months or more.  You should be working proactively with your agent to help you locate the property you desire.

Don't be one of the future real estate horror stories in the coming years that will all start with either, "I wish I had bought real estate back in...", or "I should have sold my house back in...".


If you are looking to either Sell or Buy Real Estate in New York, and are looking for an Experienced, Proactive agent with substantial market reach both on and offline.  I'd be happy to meet with you to plan a course of action to help you achieve your Real Estate goals.  It does'nt have to be scary...

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Bisendra - this is exactly how I feel about New York Real Estate.   Maybe because I live in the spread out "wild west", but NY real estate seems "scary" to me.  It seems like a foreign country.   I would need an experienced agent like you to speak the language and be my tour guide.   :)   Shanna

Mar 14, 2013 01:38 AM
Christine McDaniel
Christine McDaniel Realty, LLC - Avon, IN
Broker Associate

Bisendra,  I love the way you used this picture with your blog post.  They really went all out at that home for Halloween!

Mar 18, 2013 12:04 PM
Carmela Jacobs
Carmela Realty - Thousand Oaks, CA
Ventura Co., Los Angeles Co., CA, & Global Realtor


All good points, nothing is more scary than a lost opportunity.

Happy Selling!!!


Jun 25, 2013 01:17 AM