Investing in the Houston area market

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Investing in the Houston market has become somewhat the "IN" thing to do it seems...


And why not.  My investors that I'm working with are getting into properties throughout Katy, Cypress and other parts of Houston that 1) have equity and thus a liquid position and 2) are generating a nice ROI on rental renturns as a cash buyer (7-14% ROI).  


I am a full time real estate broker and I oversee all aspects of the purchase and rehab of the properties, having a team of talented rehabbers that make the properties look like top dog and rent for top rents!   

I work with investors from all over the US, Canada and abroad who have cash to close good deals quickly!  That's not to say it's easy or quick to find the deals, but we are coming across a few each month that fit nicely into a smart investors portfolio.  

After the purchase, rehab and renting of the properties, my investors also rely on my property management division to help secure their investments...I look at property management like a triangle with all parts being almost equally important.  1) Keeping tenants happy--this allows less vacancy and more on time rents!, 2) Safeguarding the property--making your investment here safe and maintained and 3) watching for your "expense wallet".  You have to walk that line between keeping the tenants happy with everything they want and making sure that your not squandering money or those ROIs won't be where they need to be!

If you're a cash buyer, looking to invest in the Houston area...let's talk and see what your strategy is and what returns you're looking for!

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