Wood’n Things – In remembrance of my grandfather

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I've actually been writing this blog for over a year now, and I have to admit it has been hard. My grandfather was some what of a quiet person when it came to his past, where he came from, and what he had done. But, to me, it was important.

This was my grandfather on my mom's side and he gave me lots of great memories. From my point of view he was a very complex person, but I loved him just the same. He loved to drive his speed boat fast, but he seemed to hate the water. I never once saw him get in to a lake or river.

He never owned a fast car, rather he owned more Model T and Model A's that had a top speed of about 15 mph.
As a kid, I thought it was so cool to ride around town in those cars, because everyone looked and waved. I really liked the one with the rumble seat in the back, I felt like I was on parade.

He loved to work with wood and made some of the greatest children's toys on earth! He started a company called Wood'n Things in the 1970's and my kids are still playing with some of these toys today! They stood up longer than any of my other toys from my childhood. Yet, he always seemed to act like kids were pests. I know it was an act, because I could see his smile when he watched us play with those toys. I truly think he could have made anything from wood, if I had just asked for it.

I loved going to his house, because we always got to play with hammers and drills and just do the things boys love to do. I never did catch on how to make great wooden things like he did, but I still enjoyed watching him work.

It wasn't until his death that I found out about my grandfather and grandmother and how they met and the history of him being in World War II. I just never heard a single story of those days. It saddens me to think how much history was lost upon his passing, but I still talk to friends of his and try to find out what I can about my Grandfather.

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Judy Tuscano
Prudential Verani Realty - Nottingham, NH
NH Real Estate Professional
What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. he certainly was a craftsman that took pride in his work. Beautiful toys that will help your family remember him for a long time to come and you can tell the stories about him to your kids and so on.
Jan 22, 2008 06:08 AM
Bob Stewart
ActiveRain - Seattle, WA
ActiveRain Ambassador


I can feel your loss my friend. Upon losing my grandfather, I can remember the same sense of loss over the history he took with him. I wasn't old enough to be able to appreciate the stories he was always willing to share, so even though I got them.........to this day I wish I had known how to actually 'get them' 

Jan 22, 2008 10:12 AM
Linda Scanlan
A Fan of AR - Burleson, TX
Todd - My maternal grandfather was the best. I was 14 when he died and I miss him to this day. I'm glad you have his toys to remember him by.
Jan 22, 2008 10:23 AM
Todd Clark
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon
Judy - I promise to put more pictures up as I get them. Most of the toys stayed in the family upon his passing. I know there are snakes, dancing guys, telephones, telephone booths. It was a blast being at his house!

Bob - Sometimes when we lose our history, I think we really are losing a lot of our past. I wish there was a better way to document some of these stories for everyone to enjoy. - THANK YOU!

Linda - I have to admit watching my kids play on them brings a smile to my face reminding me of my youth.
Jan 22, 2008 10:34 AM