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A new solution for business cash-flow management

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A new solution for business cash-flow management Now you can put your mortgage to work for your business with the EQUIBANK . Just by depositing your normal receipts into your mortgage account, this unique first-mortgage line of credit lets you use your money in an entirely new way. Accelerate your payoff. The more receipts you deposit into your EQUIBANK account, the faster you can reduce your principal balance and pay off your balance years earlier than with a traditional 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. Gain financial flexibility. Use the EQUIBANK to pay your business expenses, get what you need for your business, consolidate and reduce debt and build wealth. Save on interest. Simply by depositing your business income or other funds into your EQUIBANK , you save thousands on interest by lowering your average daily mortgage balance — all without changing your current business spending habits. Control your monthly payments. Keep payments lower when you want or make additional payments at any time. Enjoy greater convenience. Take advantage of easy-to-use features, including online account access, electronic funds transfer and a VISA Platinum Access Card*. Contact us to learn more today. www.homeownershipaccelerator.com or email me any ?'s at brandyn.j.adair@gmail.com
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