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With a fifth of all homes now underwater in the United States according to Zillow, it's no wonder so many homeowners need to short sale their homes. is a nationwide network of short sale professionals.  Homeowners across the country are turning to this website to find a local agent to work with that can help them negotiate with their lender.  Sellers know that when it comes to their home, they better work with a qualified and trained short sale agent that has experience.  


The lay of the land in real estate is changing and the normal door knocking agent is becoming a thing of the past. Sellers are now using the internet to research their best choices in short sale experts and banks are also getting on board. Banks have taken the initiative to utilize third part companies to vet real estate agents and provide homes owners choices when it comes to short sales. Many home owners have to go through a variety of steps before they make the choice of short selling and having an expert provide direction is the main concern with making the right decision.


When a home owner is under water and they decide it is time to take action the choices are short sale the home and experience a two year hit on their credit, refinance through HARP if it is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac as long as the mortgage is no more than 125% greater than the home’s current value, walk a away from the home resulting in a foreclosure and a hit on credit for up to seven years and finally file for bankruptcy. These choices can be daunting and difficult to decide where to start. These choices are why sellers are turning to sites like Short Sale Agent Finder to locate a professional that can help guide or answer some of these questions.


Every day, Realtors across the country are getting listings from Short Sale Agent Finder.  When a homeowner comes to the website, they search by their city or zip code and quickly see the closest short sale professional.  After selecting the right agent for them, they are instantly connected to that agent.  Most leads turn into listing appointments at the very least.  David Tal, co-founder of the new service says "We wanted to help sellers on a large scale, and since not every agent knows how to close a short sale, we knew we had to create a directory of agents who specialize in this niche of the housing market."  


Sellers who are underwater on their homes and looking for a qualified short sale agent know choosing the right help may be the most important decision they ever make.  Over 10,000 Realtors nationwide have already joined the directory.  One thing is certain, estimates have shown that short sales will be around for the next ten years and we have only just begun to help clear the losses in equity experienced by home owners in America.

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Linda Just
Leibowitz Realty Group - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Lake Worth, FL

The previous version of the program did not allow refinances for borrowers who owed more than 125 percent of what their homes were worth. That requirement stood as a major obstacle to thousands of borrowers whose homes plunged in value. HARP 2.0 removes that cap.

  • Mortgage was sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac on or before May 31, 2009
  • Must be current on the mortgage with no late payments in the past 12 months
  • Current Loan to Value is greater than 80 percent





Mar 08, 2013 02:57 AM