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5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out from the Competition!

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It has taken a while, but, finally, your house is ready to go on the market.

You feel pretty comfortable with your price, but you really don't want your listing to languish--you would like it to go under contract quickly!
There are some things you can do that will help buyers choose your home over another.
  1. Do a 'Front Door Makeover.' Buy the nicest door mat you can find. Make sure it is proportional to the sizeHouse with sign of your door. Place pretty pots near the front door and fill them with seasonal flowers. Make sure the door is freshly painted and the hardware is in great condition (if not, make the corrections).  First impressions are important!
  2. Remove the wall paper. I know it is neutral. I know it was expensive. I also know it will be a factor in why a buyer might make an offer on the house down the street. No matter how often I tell sellers this, they never believe me, but it is true! If you don't want to spend the time/hassle/money it takes to get it removed, have the walls repaired and then painted, the buyers won't either! Just do it!
  3. Clean off the counters.  Think about how relaxing model homes are....there is no 'junk' anywhere. You probably have to live in your home, but you could put away your blender and your bread maker. If something is not absolutely necessary, put it away (this goes for the other rooms in your house, too!). Clutter is the enemy when you are trying to sell.
  4. Neutralize your rooms. The number one goal for any listing is for the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living there. Since we don't know their color preferences or decorating style, your best shot at  creating a home that they 'choose'  is to keep your home from  being overly stylized.  Remember, you are moving, you don't care what it looks like after you leave! Note that neutralizing is not the same as sterilizing...you still want to show the function of the room and have it be inviting. Just make it neutral enough that the buyers can picture their furniture in the house.
  5. Refresh the Landscaping. You are selling your house, so who cares if the front yard doesn't look great? The potential buyer, that is who!  Invest some time in cleaning up, seeding the lawn, freshening the beds, trimming trees and shrubs and planting flowers. It will be worth your time and money!
It is always hard to know what will cause a buyer to select one home over another. As a seller, making your home as easy to select as possible is a great way to give yourself a selling advantage--and hopefully make your home the one that they choose!
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