Minneapolis Real Estate Myth Busters Ep. 2 | #1 Agent Means Something?

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There are a lot of myths when it comes to buying and selling Minneapolis real estate. One of them is this idea that working with the #1 agent when buying or selling really matters. We've all seen the billboards, bus benches and get mailings from the #1 this or that agent. Isn't it funny just how many #1's there are? Being #1 in sales does not automatically equate to being the agent that is right for you. They may also be #1 in some other categories and often are such as:

- #1 in listings that don't sell.

- #1 in overhead.

- #1 in ego. 

- #1 in telling people they are #1.

Boring right? The best agent for you very likely doesn't waste, er, spend money on things like billboards and plastering a picture of their face all over town. Talk to 2-3 agents, see who will represent you the best and who you are comfortable with.  

I specialize in Minneapolis condos and single family homes. 

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