Understanding Water Wells In Grafton MA

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Are you thinking of installing a water well in Grafton, MA. This article is geared towards understanding Grafton MA Board of Health Regulations. Understanding your town regulations can be instrumental in compiling total project costs when it comes to drilling a water well in Grafton, MA.

 1. Permit Info:  Well construction permit fee: $65.00

2. Well Location: A certified plot plan is required when application is submitted.  Guidelines Include

Setback Description

Setback Distance

Property line

10 feet

Adjacent structure (including overhangs)

10 feet

Public roadway (normal driving surface)

25 feet

Right of way

15 feet (see right of way management regulations, 333 CMR 11.00) w/in 100 feet

Driveway, parking lot (residential)*

25 feet

High water mark, floodplain* *

50 feet (resource area, catch basin, dry well)

Culvert, detention basin, catch basin, dry well, storm water drains

50 feet

Building sewer, grease traps

10 feet (corrosion resistant with watertight joints);

50 feet (non-corrosion resistant)

Septic tank

50 feet

Leaching field

100 feet

Agricultural field, barnyard, corral

100 feet

Water supply lines

10 feet (18 inches above)

Petroleum Storage Tanks (aboveground)

50 feet

Petroleum Storage, fuel lines/pumps (belowground)

150 feet

Stables, barns, feedlots, manure storage areas

100 feet

Gas lines

50 feet

Transmission Lines

25 feet

Chemical mixing area w/containment structure

200 feet

Salt storage areas

100 feet

* Commercial 100 feet

** Should be above floodplain whenever possible.

 3. Water Quality testing: Comprehensive water analysis is sufficient.  This test includes total coliform, e.coli bacteria, arsenic, calcium, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, alkilinity, ammonia, color, conductivity, chlorine, chloride, flouride, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, odor and sediment, ph, sulfate, turbidity (every three to five years)

 4. Water Quantity testing: A four hour flow test will be sufficient.  The guidelines include

The applicant shall submit to the Board for review and approval a Pumping Test Report. This Report shall include:

 The name and address of the well owner

 Parcel and lot number of proposed well location

       Well location referenced to at least two permanent structures or landmarks and location coordinates (latitude and longitude)

 Date of the pumping test

 Depth at which the pump was set for the test,

 Location for the discharge line

 Static water level immediately before pumping commenced

 Discharge rate

 The time the discharge rate changed,

 Pumping water levels and respective times after pumping commenced

 Maximum drawdown during the test,

 Duration of the test, including both the pumping time and the recovering time during which measurements were taken, 

       Recovery water levels and respective time after cessation of pumping,

 Reference point used for all measurements

 Date of hydrofracturing, if relevant

 5.Real Estate Transfer Requirements: As of now, Grafton, MA does not have any real estate transfer requirements posted. However we strongly suggest getting the water quality and quantity tested to show you are getting a clean, safe, and usable well.

 Wells on average in the Town of Grafton MA range from 300-400 in depth however it’s not uncommon for wells to run shallower or deeper hence why it’s called the average. The casing depth averages at 40 feet however deeper pockets of rock are possible.

 If you have further questions contact the Grafton Board Of Health at 508-829-8559

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