Don Pedros Restaurant San Tan Valley Arizona

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Don Pedros Restaurant San Tan Valley Arizona

Please excuse my rant but I must inform the public about my experience at Don Pedros Restaurant San Tan Valley Arizona. 

I chose Don Pedros as a lunch for myself, my wife and my mother.  After receiving less-than-good service throughout the meal we were ready to leave without any issues being raised. 

The owner of Don Pedros Restaurant came to our table and I asked for a to-go cup for my iced tea.  Literally, he gave me a dirty look and walked away without saying anything.  He returns a few minutes later with the to-go cup and begins to lecture me on how that is bad for business and I should not be entitled to the to-go cup and will not be allowed in the future without an extra charge.  He also starts babbling about how it's like a buffet and it costs him money.  Not the place for such a discussion!   

I would consider myself a regular restaurant goer(several times a week).  In EVERY other restaurant, the owners(managers) appreciate their customers and will gladly provide such a request without incident.  I know as I ask for a to-go cup nearly every time I'm in a restaurant.  By the way, I visited Moreno's Mexican Restaurant today and was given a to-go cup with a smile. 

As an iced tea drinker, I'm aware that an entire 5 gallons could be made for the price that Don Pedros Restaurant in San Tan Valley Arizona charges ($2.50).  Did I ask for a more reasonable price for the iced tea?  No!  I asked for a 1 cent to-go cup. 

So, fellow San Tan Valley folks, please join me in dealing with owners who do not appreciate their customers.  I will not stand for being treated so poorly and I hope that we can prevent this type of abusive behavior from happening to anyone else in San Tan Valley. 

Please keep in mind that there are atleast 2 other Mexican Restaurants within a few miles:

  • Moreno's Mexican Restaurant on the corner of Ironwood and Combs
  • Serrano's Mexican Restaurant on Ellsworth Road in Queen Creek

That is my thought on my experience just a few days ago at Don Pedros Restaurant San Tan Valley Arizona.

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Mary Brundley

Actually, I think that of all the problems in San Tan Valley, the fact that you've chosen this as your "cause" is sad. I applaud the owner for telling you that you're a tool, and I think I'll have lunch there tomorrow. Enjoy your iced tea, cheapskate. 

Nov 10, 2012 10:52 AM