Understanding Water Wells In Northbridge MA

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Are you thinking of installing a water well in Northbridge, MA. This article is geared towards understanding Northbridge MA Board of Health Regulations. Understanding your town regulations can be instrumental in compiling total project costs when it comes to drilling a water well in Northbridge, MA.

 1. Permit Info:  Well construction permit fee: $100.00

2. Well Location: A certified plot plan is required when application is submitted.  Guidelines Include

Distance From

Well Head

Property Line


Any Structure or Dwelling


Leaching Facility/Cesspool


Public/Private Roadways


Surface Water


Building Sewer


Septic Tank


Storm Drain


Waste Disposal Sites


Stable/Manure Storage


Underground Storage Tank


3. Water Quality testing: Extensive water analysis is required.  This test includes

Total Coliform Bacteria         Sodium                       Hardness       Arsenic (Total)

E-Coli Bacteria           Alkalinity                       Nitrate                  Lead

Calcium                                   Ammonia                       Nitrite                   Potassium

Copper                                               Chloride                        pH                       Flouride

Iron                                         Chlorine                        Sulfate                 Radon

Magnesium                              Color                            Turbidity                Flouride

Manganese                             Conductivity                   Odor/Sediment     P-dichlorobenzene

Radontetrachlorethylene            Carbon Tetrachloride    Trichloroethane    Cis-1

Dichloroethylene                      Toluene             Dichloroethylene            Ethylbenzene                         Monochlorobenzene

 4. Water Quantity testing: A four hour flow test will be sufficient.  The guidelines include Volume of Water = (Number of bedrooms +1) x (110 gallons/BR) x (safety factor of 2) = Number of Gallons Needed Daily

Example: For a four-bedroom house with a well that is six inches in diameter and contains 100 feet of standing water:

Volume of Water = (4 bedrooms +1 bedroom) = (5 bedrooms) x (110 gallons per bedroom) x (2) = 1,100 gallons needed daily

(a) Storage Capacity = Volume of 6-inch well is 1.47 gallons for every foot of length; therefore: (100 feet of standing water) x (1.47 gallons/foot) = 147 gallons.

 Required Volume = 1100 gallons + 147 gallons = 1,247 gallons that must be pumped from the well in 24 hours or less to demonstrate suitable capacity.

 5. Real Estate Transfer Requirements: As of now, Northbridge, MA does not have any real estate transfer requirements posted. However we strongly suggest getting the water quality and quantity tested to show you are getting a clean, safe, and usable well.

 Wells on average in the Town of Northbridge MA range from 300-400 in depth however it’s not uncommon for wells to run shallower or deeper hence why it’s called the average. The casing depth averages at 40 feet however deeper pockets of rock are possible.

 If you have further questions contact the Northbridge Board Of Health at 508-234-3272

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